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Continued focus on attached specialists; small structures immediately east of Barrio and West of Caana excavated, recovering Terminal Classic line-of-stone buildings and three Early Classic interments.

TDP concluded their work Investigations focused on locating non-palace Terminal Classic occupation associated with small structures in the center.

Caracol is the name given to a large ancient Maya archaeological site, located in what is now the Cayo District of Belize.

It is situated approximately 40 kilometres south of Xunantunich and the town of San Ignacio Cayo, and 15 kilometers away from the Macal River.

Belize government declares the Caracol area a national park. Jaime Awe and the Belize Tourism Development Project (TDP) began “tourist-proofing” Caracol’s buildings Excavations focused on Structures A13, B28, and F4, as well as the plaza in front of Structure B33.

Northeast sector investigated to determine settlement density and dating; mapping and reconnaissance indicate no settlement drop-off for 6 km, and the radius of the site determined to be 10 km from the Cahal Pichik, Ceiba, Retiro, and Hatzcap Ceel Causeways and Termini Excavations focused on structures within the southwest walled area, and one residential group immediately south of the area. A new Stela was found in front of Structure B28; a stucco text was recovered in association with Structure B19.

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The materials from the TDP’s excavations of two residential tombs were analyzed Excavations focused on five smaller buildings adjacent to the South Acropolis in order to determine the presence attached specialists; TDP begins stabilization of the South Acropolis.

Four burials and a collapsed Protoclassic chultun were also recovered.

Excavated structures include A31, the Northwest Acropolis (Structures A61-A69), and the Gateway residential group (Structures B139-143).

Recovery of early caching practices both in the center and in an epicentrally proximate residential group revealed variant caching practices and associated ceremonial activities.Excavations of Structure I20 produced late use-related materials and a burial; Structure B59 proved to be of late construction.

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