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Despite undergoing treatment throughout 2013, Curtis continued to record the band's fourth album with Alejandra Deheza.

Sadly, Curtis never recovered from his illness and died on December 29, 2013.

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So it is that SVIIB has become their legacy, their swansong.The change in sound was radical given that Secret Machines operated in the alternative rock camp and School Of Seven Bells appeared to my eyes a much more polished affair.Sultry vocals combined with layers of synths and electronics to take their sound to a level which Secret Machines could never have achieved within the context of their own sound.“Half Asleep” starts with a compact, propulsive throb and gradually expands outward, adding layers of milky-blue synthesizer, bottomless guitar from Benjamin Curtis, and the angelic, harmonized coos of sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza—it’s a potent combination of earthbound noise and weightless beauty, found at the height of a mountaintop.

Eerie B-side “Caldo” spins a simple melody (sung in English and Spanish) into a medieval hymn from another planet.

It's desperately unfair how some people are taken from us so young. Some two years on, Deheza announced that the band's fourth and final album is finally being released, and if were to be released to serve as a statement of intent, then it would absolutely succeed. Where the verse is understated, the chorus is bold, enlightening, hopeful.