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Susan organizes a campaign to find enough evidence to clear Garrett of the murder.When she visits him in jail to tell him the good news of her findings, Garrett unexpectedly lets slip out a bit of information that only the murderer would know exposing himself at the real killer (it turns out the murder victim was Garrett’s ex-wife, a nightclub dancer, from a bad first marriage).While Garrett is sure, if a man is being put to death by the law he must be guilty…Spencer is not.When a young and beautiful stripper is found murdered, the two men concoct a plan; plant enough circumstantial evidence in the murder case, making it look like Garrett is a strong suspect, enough for him to be arrested and put on trial by the politically motivated D. Roy Thompson (Philip Bourneuf) who will push for the death penalty.Like Lang himself at the time, the film is filled with acidity and disillusionment.

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One of the witnesses is Tom Garrett (Dana Andrews), a former newspaper reporter and now a novelist engaged to Susan Spencer (Joan Fontaine), the daughter of Austin Spencer (Sidney Blackmer), newspaper publisher, Garrett’s former boss and an anti-capital punishment advocate.The front office battles though had left Lang drained. He did not like the film which had left a bad taste in his mouth.