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20-Jun-2017 02:49

You miss being sky-high on it and find normal boring.You hunger for your “fix” of thrills/excitement/danger like an addict hungers for his “fix” of heroin. “Quick — pass me the bottle, drug, motorcycle, fast car, thrill-drive, drag race, speedboat, airplane, parachute, extreme sport, rock climbing, big game hunt, fist fight, knife fight, gun fight, etc.” Being poisoned by adrenaline is bad enough, but it gets worse.To say this another way, after the indescribable, life-changing thrill of being shot at without result — you now have a compulsive, compelling craving for No you do not, because being wacked-out on it 24/7, day after day, month after month, becomes the “new normal.” You do not think anything is wrong with being constantly high as a kite on adrenaline because it is not un-usual but the usual – the common everyday condition you are in when fighting for your life.Then you come home where the addictive, euphoric rush of aliveness/adrenaline hardly ever happens in the normal course of events.The more I learned about Paul the more I came to respect him. What mattered to most to him was to get the “Code” to any warrior that was going through what he was; to help them, let them know they were not alone and that they could get better. He treated the “Code” as his baby and was very dedicated to it.He was very straight-forward about his condition and expected other warriors to acknowledge and accept their condition in order to achieve some serenity in their lives.

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To keep your word, you must numb up/shut down your fear.In that savage place you give your word of honor to dance with Death instead of running away from it.

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