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A Mississippi man charged with beating a three-year-old girl to death over a maths lesson told police it was “all his fault," officers have testified.The man, 25-year-old Joshua Salovich, told police he was teaching the girl “her numbers,” and struck her every time she answered incorrectly, Meridian Police Detective Kevin Boyd said.Canyengue — A very old style of tango from the 1900s to the 1940s.

Corrida — (also: corridita, a little run) from correr: to run. Corrida Garabito — A milonga step in which the couple alternately step through between each other, the man with his right leg and the lady mirroring with her left in espejo, then pivot to face each other as they step together. Corte — Cut: In tango, corte means cutting the music either by syncopating, or by holding for several beats.

Finally, it is a rhythmic effect created by Leopoldo Thompson by hitting the string of the contrabass with the hand or the arch of the bow.

Carancanfunfa (also carancanfun) — In the lingo of the compadritos, the dance of tango with interruptions (cortes) and also those who dance it that way in a very skillful manner. Carousel — A term used for molinete con sacadas to the man’s left, the lady’s right, with ochos and or ocho cortado to exit. Also see Stephen Brown's Styles of Argentine Tango.

Bailey's mother reportedly cried throughout the hearing, and collapsed after it was resolved.

The court charged Mr Salovich with capital murder, meaning he could face the death penalty.

"She apparently did not want to participate and get the correct numbers," Mr Boyd testified on Monday.