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10-Jun-2017 01:19

My last date was several months ago, and it ended with her saying I was "creepy" because of my disability — a condition I was born with.— Bummed Apparently, this last woman you dated is so used to wearing her heart on her sleeve that she failed to notice that most of it broke off (and is maybe still lying there with her driver's-side mirror at the Burger King drive-thru).

An interesting note: replying to online messages on a Saturday night may not send a good message and people, especially ladies do notice these things.But, as for your notion that your condition is "so personal," a spastic colon is personal; a woman won't know about yours unless it's in such an advanced state that it cuts into conversation to correct her grammar.Your tremors, however, become public the moment you walk into a place to meet a woman — which is actually the perfect time to make a crack like, "Is it freezing in here, or do I have a muscular disorder?Well, it seems that physical attractiveness can be heavily influenced by personality and character.

For example, a woman whose looks initially rated a measly 3.25 (out of 9) became a hard-working, popular member of the group.But through his refusal to, uh, pussychair around the subject, Callahan told people how the disabled want to be treated, which is "just like everyone else." And because the rest of us get poked fun of, Callahan did cartoons featuring disabled people.