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After the attack on Pearl Harbor had brought the United States into the war, Feynman was recruited by Robert R.

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He assisted in the development of the atomic bomb during World War II and became known to a wide public in the 1980s as a member of the Rogers Commission, the panel that investigated the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.Noticing that he "had gone too far," he then switched to physics, which he claimed was "somewhere in between." Vallarta let his student in on a secret of mentor-protégé publishing: the senior scientist's name comes first. "You're the last word in cosmic rays." He attained a perfect score on the graduate school entrance exams to Princeton University in physics—an unprecedented feat—and an outstanding score in mathematics, but did poorly on the history and English portions. Pauli made the prescient comment that the theory would be extremely difficult to quantize, and Einstein said that one might try to apply this method to gravity in general relativity, His doctoral thesis applied the principle of stationary action to problems of quantum mechanics, inspired by a desire to quantize the Wheeler–Feynman absorber theory of electrodynamics, laying the groundwork for the path integral formulation and Feynman diagrams, This was Richard Feynman nearing the crest of his powers. there was no physicist on earth who could match his exuberant command over the native materials of theoretical science.Feynman had his revenge a few years later, when Heisenberg concluded an entire book in cosmic rays with the phrase: "such an effect is not to be expected according to Vallarta and Feynman." When they next met, Feynman asked gleefully whether Vallarta had seen Heisenberg's book. It was not just a facility at mathematics (though it had become clear ...One of the conditions of Feynman's scholarship to Princeton was that he could not be married; but he continued to see his high school sweetheart, Arline Greenbaum, and was determined to marry her once he had been awarded his Ph. despite the knowledge that she was seriously ill with tuberculosis.

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This was an incurable disease at the time, and she was not expected to live more than two years.[it] contained a number of misspellings and grammatical errors. He created special symbols for logarithm, sine, cosine and tangent functions so they didn't look like three variables multiplied together, and for the derivative, to remove the temptation of canceling out the d's. We have no definite rule against Jews but like to keep their proportion in our department reasonably small".

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