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l wood lor building and metal lor tods then n no time at all you can have thousands ol little men scurrying all over the place - literally The game supports as many as 65 536 oeople living in the computer, but since there are lour competing tubes m ihe game, you only have control ot a mawmum ot 16 384 men It the computer has a 0 (which rs a Standard A1200 or bigger) then the processor has no problem handing all ot this.’ Thomas reckons The Inal verson ol the program w»: test the Briefly: Set «i a sort ot lairy-tato. meets tots at other things Oh dear, we re gong to have problems with this one, I can tea Take * away, you Teutonc-type programmer people, you The creators speak: German, but also impeccable English, which is a great help as the only German word I know is Kugelschreiber Designer and producer Thomas Hertz tor turned up on my doorstop with a stunningly impressive demo version ol the game handcutted to ms wnst tor extra security I asked him lust what ihe ‘Aspiration was behind the game "We planned 10 create an economy *muiaion without • bemg bonng The simulation is very deep but the players won 1 Imd 4 drffeuit to understand Everything is visual - you can see all the men dong their jobs lor example * You certaoily can The game starts with you placing a casiie on the map, wtxdi creates a cneto ot border posts « Tha cju Ic'i Hit etntre at yonr awn nltro Miu, bn colonial upi Biiofl diptfldi on bnldlny Ihinsi and kilties people.Prcyecf-X was doing wry we* 1 guess no'ii i cky that there hasn't really been anything like it tor a whts so hopefully ours ».a stand out Odiously it's not a ternbly ongirul idea.