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Q - For that question the webmaster will refer you to Phillip Hind's site, "Encyclopedia Titanica", a very detailed site on passenger and crew information. Titanic carried routine cargo and mail, 3,364 bags of mail and 650 parcels.

the URL is: What do the abbreviations "RMS" , "SS" , "HMS" and "HMHS" used before a ships name stand for? (see cargo manifest on this site) Most of the passenger's jewelry was removed from the purser's safe during the loading of the lifeboats.

If you don't find the answer that you are looking for here, feel free to e-mail the webmaster and all attempts will be made to answer your questions.

Please check the site thoroughly before e-mailing questions. top speed, length, propulsion system, cutaway side profile diagram etc.) see the TECHNICAL FACTS section on this site located in the TABLE of CONTENTS.

The binding took two years to execute, and the decoration embodied over 1,500 precious stones, each separately set in gold. Other interesting items in the ship's cargo included a 35hp Renault automobile owned by passenger William Carter, and a marmalade machine owned by passenger Edwina Trout. Sirius, Royal Standard, Ellen, Blue Jacket etc.) The majority of the ships did after the birth of the Oceanic.

All but a few cargo vessels built by H&W that were leased out to other shipping companies, and a few ships purchased by White Star (but not built by Harland and Wolff) through war reparations, traditionally had the "ic" ending on their names.

With no insult intended to the memory of Captain Smith or the respect held for him, it was nothing but negligence that allowed Titanic to travel as fast as she was that fateful evening.

REAL PASSENGERS folks) While an extensive amount of preparatory research with close attention to detail was conducted for the making of the movie, many facts and character portrayals were not accurate.

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Cunard cruises, hotels and resorts was purchased by Carnival Cruise Lines in 1998.

I think I may have had a relative that was a passenger on a White Star Line ship that immigrated to the United States. A - Most public libraries in large cities are a great place to begin your search. There are also several genealogical and immigration websites posted on the Internet.