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After leaving, Rin and Archer realize that Lancer's Master will sense that the student has survived and have Lancer finish the job.

They head over to the suburbs to save the student, only to be attacked by another Servant, whom Rin identifies as belonging to the Saber class.

In it, seven participants, known as Masters, and their Servants, reincarnated personifications of legendary heroes of history, fight in a battle royale for the Holy Grail, an omnipotent magical chalice that can fulfill any wish or desire for its victor.

Shirō and his Servant, Saber, are forced to team up with Rin Tōsaka, another Master in the Holy Grail War, but Shirō finds himself earning the strong dislike of Rin's mysterious Servant, Archer, whose motivations are unknown.

Issei remarks that Shirō never hesitates in helping people in need and warns him that he may be taken advantage of by inconsiderate people.

While walking home from school, he encounters a silver-haired girl, who warns him to summon a Servant soon before vanishing.

The following day, he stays late at school and confronts Shinji about Sakura's injury, but Shinji denies any involvement before asking Shirō to clean the school's kyūdō dojo, which he decides to do.

The song "Last Stardust", performed by Aimer, was used as an insert song for episode 20.He is then informed by other students of the murders of a family of four; while visiting the crime scene, Shirō recalls the time he was rescued by Kiritsugu Emiya in the aftermath of a devastating fire that occurred ten years ago, later being adopted by him and learning that he is a mage.He then notes how he had devoted his life to Kiritsugu's ideal of becoming a hero of justice.The next day, while helping Sakura with the dishes, Shirō notices a bruise on her hand and assumes that Shinji is beating her.

At school, he learns from Mitsuzuri that Shinji has recently been acting more aggressively.

She meets with other people at the school who arrived early, including Ayako Mitsuzuri, the head of the school's archery club; Sakura Matō, a new member of the archery club; Shinji Matō, Sakura's older brother; Taiga Fujimura, one of the schoolteachers; Issei Ryuudou, the student council president; and an unknown red-haired boy fixing a heater for Issei.