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21-Nov-2017 13:09

Gear up for the cross-borough shlep with bagels and smoked fish from Lower East Side deli , the oldest surviving synagogue in the Americas, in the capital Willemstad.

That’s good news for Jews and non-Jews alike who want to travel during the eight-day period: because it’s a joyous time instead of a period of mourning, shops, museums and other attractions are open for much of the week, and its usual proximity to Christmas often makes it a convenient time for school holidays.David Cohen, founder of “The Ashkenazis are at their kosher bakeries in the 19th around Ourcq, while the Tunisian Jews are just up the road in the now-trendy 20th by Belleville at the legendary Tunisian Kosher Patisserie Nani.” Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have a relationship not unlike New York and Los Angeles – fractious siblings who force everyone to take a side.