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Aballa pastor, las espaldas al $#/.— *f Shepherd, turn the backs of your flock to the sun." — e purpose of stealing what they can get. — " To float about like -a cork upon water." — It is appli- cable to idle persons who saunter about without any object in view; or, who are never settled 'to 4oy pursuit. 4nd%rhcaza y cow bur on jqiitr Jo.-^" To go rabbit .catqlijng with a dead ferret."— Applicable to persons who undertake business without ade- quate means.

It alludes also' to l&wd old men who go dangling after Hdflr comp gatos porfohrero* — " To go like cats in February." — That is, cater wnulipg • . — " To spend one's time swal- low-nesting." — It is applicable to persons of idle habits, who are constantly in search of amusements to pass away their time at the ex- pence of their health and purses, and often of their reputation. To walk betwixt the cross and the holy water." — Al- luding to persons who are in constant appre- hension of dying.

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A palabras locas, orejas sordas.—*' 1 To mad words lend deaf ears." Apana suegro, para quien te herede, tnanto deluto, ' corazon akgre.

The Spaniard will here find the trite and significant apho- risms of his language not only translated, but ex- emplified by passages from classical and other authors, and he will observe that I have not, alto- gether, forgotten those of his own country.

I present, therefore, this trifle to the world, with the hope that it may not be defioient in usefulness to Spaniards, as well as my own countrymen; and have only further to observe; that I trust it will be found as free from errors as most of the publications of a similar description, and ^hereby- prove worthy of the attention and patronage of the admirers of Spanish wit and humour. a "Vincent Place, City Road, Islington, lit September, 18JS* DICTIONARY «OJr SPANISH PROVERBS, &c jf LBAD avariento par un bodigo pierde c/ertfo.— • " The covetous abbot for one loaf laees a htm* dred." — Avarice commonly occasions injury ta the person who is governed by its influence, Abad de bamba lo que no puede comer, dalo por m alm Qy— " The imprudent abbot, who gives for the good of his soul, what he cannot eat." A taunt upon those who only giye away what they cannot make use of themselves.

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We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal.You can search through I lie lull lexl of 1 1 us book on I lie web al |_-.:. To be conversant in the Spanish language is now considered a literary and a fashionable attainment ; it has, in fact, become a necessary" study to the British merchant trading with the Spaniards, from the recent increase of our commercial intercourse with, those extensive regions where it is universally spoken. I have endeavoured to keep as literal -as possible.