Mountain bike dating

08-Oct-2017 02:40

This bike is one of the most talked about purchases in our relationship.

According to him it is as easy to manoeuvre as a tank and if it ever gets stolen, I would not put it passed him to have arranged it in order to‘upgrade’ my bike for me.

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He is constantly on his phone to check out new bikes or compare components, loves his stickers and forces himself to not look at any bike forums when the races are on, as if it was a FIFA World Cup news blackout.

This is the guy who daydreams about upgrades he can do to his bike, the day he buys it.

He sometimes orders new parts for a bike that he is planning on buying as there was a great offer on Chain Reaction.

I have had to replace plenty of bedlinen, as our sheets tend to end up looking like some sort of twisted Halloween prop.

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#9 You end up using a spare bedroom that you wanted to convert into a nursery as bike storage instead Before our little one was born he was adamant that the baby would sleep in his own room from an early age, since then it seems to have occurred to him that it would mean giving up his bike storage/in-house repair shop.

#4 Go Pro footage is to be taken very serious He will force you into watching his Go Pro footage of his last crazy ride and sulk like a little child if you are not excited about the great line he nailed.

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