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A former Conservative defence minister warned “pinstriped warriors” at the Treasury against pushing for reductions to the armed forces because of a lack of money.Mark Francois voiced his concern in the Commons along with other MPs from all parties at the threat of a new round of cuts to the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force...Ministers have pledged to overturn amendments passed in the Lords on Wednesday...

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I am bitterly disappointed at the behavior of the manageress Anne-Marie from the Shell Ultra City Steers Branch.

He wrote on Twitter: “Reason I cancelled my trip to...

A tender kiss from a dead French sculptor proves that the Elgin Marbles belong in the British Museum and not in Greece, the institution’s chief has said.

It may be that there was never any policy and you’ve simply paid for a bit of paper.

Or you have been given a genuine policy, but the broker has cancelled it immediately after taking it out and pocketed the refund.

Alternatively, they may have fiddled with your personal details — such as your age, address, job or information about past claims — to get a cheaper price.