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All your messages are synced across all the supported devices because your messages (and even files) are stored in the cloud.However, you can delete texts whenever you wish and even make secret chats that dissolve messages on a timer.More » Snapchat is another extremely popular private messaging app for photos and short videos, which are automatically deleted after they've been viewed for a few seconds.For teens, this "self-destructing" feature is a big part of what makes Snapchat so appealing, encouraging kids to interact more given that all their previous snaps disappear.Japanese teen Nanami wanted to try her hand at nude modeling.She is new to the scene and answered our AD on Japan's version of craigslist.

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You can download Whats App on your computer or mobile device, as well as use it on the web.Our videos and photos are a mix of pro-amateur glamour and "Carnival Sex Shows".