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A complete diet should consist of a good quality pellet-based food formulated specifically for chinchillas, such as carefresh® complete Chinchilla food.

The diet should be fortified with calcium and small amounts of vitamin C.

Please take note that Chinchillas live for a long time – 10 to 20 years!

If you get a chinchilla, please understand that this is a long commitment that should be considered carefully.

Also, soft carefresh® animal and pet bedding is more comfortable for small pets, which have sensitive feet.

Remove soiled bedding, droppings and stale food from the cage daily.

Chinchillas are naturally active around dawn and dusk, and although you can change their habits gradually, try to feed your chinchilla at around the same time each morning and night.

Most chinchillas will bond closely with their owners.

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Before handling, make sure that your chinchilla is awake and alert.Note that chinchillas must not be bathed in water, since their coats are very difficult to dry.Also, water in the fur may cause hypothermia, which could be fatal.Gently put your thumb behind the forelegs with your fingers over his back and lift with one hand while supporting his bottom with the other hand.

Gently place your chinchilla onto your lap or hold him against your chest.Line the bottom of your chinchilla’s cage with carefresh® complete all natural paper bedding or carefresh® custom Rabbit & Guinea Pig bedding for added absorbency and odor control.