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PR/CR: MAT 180 Fall only PHY222 College Physics II (3-3-4) The course is the second part of a one-year sequence.

This course uses a calculus-based problem solving approach to describe electricity, magnetism, induction, and optics.

The following topics are covered: electric force and field, potential, capacitance, current, resistance, DC circuits, magnetic force and fields, AC circuits, reflection, refraction, mirror lenses and gratings.

PR: MAT 118, MAT 154 or higher, or eligible to enroll in MAT 167 Spring only PHY221 College Physics I (3-3-4) This course is the first part of a one-year sequence.

Students willbe required to access and untilize the Internet to review and formulate web-based weather strategies.

Spring only PHY120 Physical Science I (3-0-3) This is one of a two-course sequence for the non-science major designed to provide an overview of the basic concepts of physics, chemistry, earth science and space science.

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Instructors in the program were hired by students and compensated through student activity fees.

A 4-acre (1.6 ha) environmental studies site operated by students and community members under the aegis of the program at the southern periphery of the campus included geodesic domes, windmills, kilns, a solar-powered house funded by the Department of Energy, and more inchoate variants of sustainable architecture.

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